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Card Talk

Mar 1, 2019

We take a trip around the LOTR LCG community and see what February had to offer.  Yes, we talk about our Silvan February, but the community was active.  Of special note was all the content that our friend, Samuel Shreeve (AKA Onidsen) put out.  Always good.  Take a listen to see what we saw this month. 

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8:53 - LOTR Deck Test -

9:24 - Hall of Beorn

19:10 Three is Company

22:14 Cardboard of the Rings

23:50 Discord Server

25:05 Men of the West YouTube Channel

26:00 Geek Zone YouTube Channel

29:15 Facebook: Lord of the Rings LCG Players

30:38 Reddit LOTR Community

32:19 Onidsen (Samuel Shreeve) YouTube Channel:

35:45 LotR Deck Tech YouTube Channel:

37:33 Vision of the Palantir:

39:27 Warden of Arnor

39:37 Unfinished Trails - Thranduil the long awaited