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Card Talk

Apr 7, 2019

While still getting the Nazguls out of the software, Around the Community was delayed a bit.  The Nazguls are gone, but fortune smiles on us!  Because of the delay, we were able to talk about the new cycle, The Vengeance of Mordor.  

We have with us Samuel Shreeve to help unpack all the goodies we learned.  Enjoy!

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2:30 The White Tower Blog/Agents of the White Council -


32:00  Onidsen’s YouTube Channel -


34:50  Cardboard of the Rings -


41:05  Warden of Arnor -


43:20 Vision of the Palantir -


45:10 Mr. Underhill’s YouTube Channel -


48:00 Mouth of Sauron Podcast -


48:21 Reflection in Henneth Annun -