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Card Talk

Sep 28, 2020

Apparently there was a glitch with one of our original episodes.  Enough fans have reached out and said they'd like to hear it makes for a good episode this week.  Plus, you can see how far along we've come.  This episode was made when we didn't have Ted and we were new to the podcasting world.  But, it's always good to...

Sep 14, 2020

There are a bunch of cards that heal in this game. This card heals just about everything though. It's definitely unique, but is the card worth a deck slot, a side board slot, or just a binder spot? Tune in to here what the guys have to say about it!

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Sep 8, 2020

In this episode, the guys talk about the Ring of Barahir, a true artifact's artifact. Some say that this card shouldn't see playing time, while others may think this should see some. Which side of the argument do you fall on?

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